Jeanne E. Cleary

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As a longtime practitioner and teacher of mediation, I can honestly say that I am as  jazzed by this work now as I was when I originally began in 1979 as a founding clinician of a home for teenage runaways.  The settings and participants at my table have varied and changed over the years , but my commitment to a person’s right and responsibility to determine for themselves their course of action hasn’t waivered.  At the heart of this core principle of mediation (self-determination of the parties) is a trust in what happens when people are required to step up to the hard yet energizing work of figuring out what they really want as well as accepting and working with what is truly possible.  I offer people a way to access their best selves by helping to create an environment of deep respect.  While conflict conversations will rarely feel safe,  I work to create a safe enough space to explore possibilities together, inviting all voices to the table.


Divorce Mediation

  • Specializing in residential schedules and co-parenting plans
    • before separation 
    • moving through the divorce process 
    • facing relocation
  • Post-divorce adjustments and co-parenting issues 
  • The Good Divorce 
  • Help for couples looking to preserve their relationship while separating and divorcing

Collaborative Law Facilitator/Coach

For more information about Collaborative Law: 

Divorce Counseling 

  • Consultation for parents preparing to talk with their children about divorce and the family's transition 
  •  General parental guidance regarding children and divorce 

  • Split: Divorce Through Kid's Eyes - a film for kids of divorce (and their parents)  

Family Mediation

  • Difficult family conversations 
  • Adult siblings facing challenging decisions 

Facilitation of difficult conversations

  • Small and large group conversations
  • Consultation in conflict strategies for families, and corporate, religious, non-profit and educational organizations 

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” Winston Churchill