Jeanne E. Cleary

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individual and couples counseling 


The work of living in authentic and loving connection to self and to others:  this is the heart of therapy. Our deepest fears and our deepest longings have to do with intimacy with self and others: connection / disconnection, closeness / separation, the universal concerns of being seen and accepted. Others are mirrors for our courageous work of self-seeing, self-acceptance, and loving. Others are essential to the fulfillment of our deepest longing to give the love we have to give. Consider the courageous and joyous work of asking moment to moment, "What does love call for, here and now?" 


I teach and incorporate mindfulness as a way to help clients grow the capacity for presence, patience and compassion. My work with clients often involves helping them to access the courage to look and see, to forgive and love self and other, and to bring balance and humor to each step – making as much room in our hearts for joy as for sorrow. I work collaboratively with clients in defining their challenges and their path, honoring and celebrating the uniqueness of each individual and his/her journey.

"It is a joy to be hidden and a disaster not to be found." -D.W. Winnicott