Jeanne E. Cleary

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Office and Contact Information

173 Mt. Auburn Street Watertown, MA


Mount Auburn Professional Offices

173 Mt. Auburn Street

Watertown, MA 02172

(617) 924-3211

I am at 173 Mt. Auburn Street which is at the corner of Mt. Auburn and Otis Street directly across from a small cemetery, and near the major intersection of Mt. Auburn and Common Street.  The building is a large yellow victorian set back a bit from the road, with a sign on the front "Mt. Auburn Professional Offices."  If you come in after 5:00 pm, the front door may be locked and you may need to buzz (press buzzer next to my last name and I will unlock door by buzzer from upstairs). 

The waiting room is on the left.  Help yourself to water from the cooler as you enter, and there is a rest room straight ahead, last door on the right. 

I will come to the waiting room at the time of our appointment.